White iPhone 4

Apple's white iPhone 4 may not be released yet, but new online videos use it to suggest some iOS features that never made it in.

The Apple-centric blog 9to5Mac soon posted another video from Tinhte showing off the particulars of the white iPhone, including the camera aperture and (via the Settings menu) 64GB drive.  
In a few isolated but notable incidents, Vietnamese Websites have offered up interesting tidbits on upcoming Apple products. The white iPhone 4 is slated to arrive sometime this spring, according to multiple sources including Apple executive Philip Schiller.
In the meantime, speculation is rampant about Apple’s next iPhone and major iOS overhaul. 

 this time releasing several videos  of a white iPhone 4 that possesses 64GB of space and is rocking some sort of unreleased version of Apple’s iDevice software, iOS.
While it’s easy to dismiss as a jailbroken device, as 9to5Mac points out, the phone has two games, one called Radar which is an internal Apple application and the other, Tough Fighter, which is a game that Apple built to show off the device’s accelerometer and graphics.

Sure, it shows a white iPhone 4 in action, but it also demonstrates a different version of multitasking than the one found in Apple's iOS 4.
It's like the iPhone version of Exposé in Mac OS X. Unfortunately, this version of multitasking may never become part of the iPhone. As Engadget points out, the presence of internal Apple programs in Tinhte.vn's videos suggest that this is old, unreleased software, rather than an upcoming version of iOS.