6 Tips How To Play Mobile Legends For Newbies

Mobile Legends - Playing Mobile Legends Bang bang is certainly a pretty fun thing to fill your spare time. In addition to the game mode fast enough, you can also train strategy, concentration and other things.

For those of you who are just trying to play Mobile Legends. Here I will give some tips tricks to play Mobile Legends for beginners (newbie, noob).

Mobile Legends is not a game done for pros. Many of the beginners who come to try the DotA game. But sometimes even beginner players bother his team members.

1. Internet Connection
One of the challenges of playing online strategy games is internet connection. Most beginners do not really care about this.

Before playing, make sure your internet connection is in good shape. This is to avoid lag in the game. Lag in the game can make you AFK so you will be bothering a team friend who is struggling.

Leaving an ongoing match is a pretty bad thing.

2. Master One Hero
Mobile Legends main tips for the next beginner is to master one hero first. As a n…

10 Latest Android Games 1st Week On May 2016 - Hungry Shark World, Uncharted Fortune Hunter, Warung Chain, and More

Latest Android Games On May 2016 - Weekly Android game still comes to presenting a row of new game ready to complement Android game you desire to play. There are dozens of interesting games that you will find in this list ranging from Uncharted Fortune Hunter and Battleborn Tap equally bring the entertainment side of PC and console game version, the new sequel Hungry Shark Evolution, and others.

Okay, no need to elaborate further, here is a collection of the latest Android game first edition in May 2016. Lets play!

1. Uncharted Fortune Hunter

Very interesting surprise this week comes from the emergence of the mobile game titled Uncharted Uncharted Fortune Hunter. Yes, Uncharted series that had adorned the PlayStation console has now come into the hands of mobile. In contrast to the action of Nathan Drake in Uncharted serial console version, this time through the game you will play the relic hunter through action-based puzzle completion of turn-based fun and enjoyable.

Interestingly, by…

Free Best and High Quality Android Games

Free best  android games - Have an advanced smartphone. sophisticated android does not really lose if if can not use for anything useful, in addition to surfing the Internet and social media, video calls and so forth, android is also very much have a game of high quality and has a very great graphics quality, and make eye very comfortable to play.
Best Free Android Games on Google Play has been released, it is time you enjoy the fun of playing popular games on Android so there is no excuse for daydreaming or imagining something that is not clear when there is free time 

At least we found the Top 10 Best Free Android Games of various genres such as racing, arcade, shoot-up games brain teaser that will make you intelligence increases after playing this game, so, here are the Best Free Android Games on Google Play the most popular.
1 . The Dead Trigger This type of shooter game is great graphics , its primary mission is to destroy the zombies that roam . About the effects and features , not …

Download BBM for Gingerbread

Download BBM for Gingerbread - BBM for Android is already can be downloaded , but only for upward ICS android version , while for gingerbread have to wait , until the issue of the presence of fuel for Gingerbread blows in February 2014 . so that the owners of the HP android gingerbread OS is calm and happy .

Blackberry is has given approval for BBM or BlackBerry Messenger to Android ' Gingerbread ' . However , Like last year , there was euphoria repeated . Gingerbread massive fuel leak in cyberspace . Is 2013 back bustle going on ?

As a result , it is becoming more and more demand there are many sites that offer raw file BBM Android APK . In the end not a few users who successfully log in and try out the application. including myself who have tried to plug in the Motorola Fire XT530 which still has Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread . successfully .

Blackberry itself according to the news will spread the fuel for the Gingerbread release this month . Android 2.3 users are asked to be p…

7 Best Free Android Applications

7 Best Free Android Applications - talk android is indeed endless, there are always new things that interest us we follow let alone current android has managed to become one of the most popular mobile phone operating system and is widely used throughout the world. previously been discussed about the latest android version 4.4 KitKat would be warm discussions throughout the media.
As one of my own android users always follow the development of the Green robot. a wide range of interesting applications and games that you can download in play store. in a previous post there are 7 Free Android Games With Best Graphics but on this occasion I will try to provide the 7 best free android applications
1. WhatsApp Messenger
Application chat this one attracted sympathy because android users manage to get 100 million more downloads and obtained a rating of 4.5 stars. and also earned the title of top developers and also won the 4 million plus google one. the size of this application is not to…

Android 4.4 KitKat Will Release October 18, 2013?

Android 4.4 KitKat - Has been previouslyreportedthatthe latestversion ofAndroid, which is4.4KitKatto be released onthe upcomingOct. 15, it turns outthat's notentirely true. Throughthe microbloggingsiteinformation fromTwitter,Android's officialaccount@KitKathas beenuploadingaKitKatphotoorderchocolateKitKat. Arrangement ofchocolateitsays "This Is It"and equippedwith the inscription, "Sometimesyou have tolook atthesigns"at the bottom.

Arrangement ofchocolate inthe photos werereminiscent ofthe title songof the lateMichael Jackson, wholaterwas promoted tofeature filmson October 28,2009. No wonderifof a number of partiespredictGoogle willofficiallyrelease theKitKaton October 28,2013. The latestRumorcirculatingnimentions thatAndroidKitkatwould be releasedon October 18, as

7 Free Android Games With Best Graphics

Androidphone usersgrowtharound the worldis progressing rapidlyfrom year toyear, so ithas beentransformed intothe androidmobile phone operating systemknownat this time.Likewise,with advances inexistingapplicationsandfeatureswithin itsalwaysthere is an update. eventhe makers ofthe world famousgamesthere have been manywho come toenlivena collection ofgamesthat existinplaystore.There aregivenfree of charge andcan bedownloadeddirectly, butinthepasteadvertising,butthere arealsogames thatselldirectlyandcan be downloadedafterpayment ofPAL, withoutthe presence ofthe bannerads.

for afriendwho already hasan android phone, here are  7 Free Android Games With Best Graphics And You Must Have! thatcan be directlydownloaded atplaystore:
1. Real Racing 3

Thispreviousgamesdo existin theregionhave not been abletoinform, butafterI checkedingoogle play, it turns outitcan be downloadedfor free,gamesbyEAis indeedsuperiorquality