7 Free Android Games With Best Graphics

Android phone users growth around the world is progressing rapidly from year to year, so it has been transformed into the android mobile phone operating system known at this time. Likewise, with advances in existing applications and features within its always there is an update. even the makers of the world famous games there have been many who come to enliven a collection of games that exist in play store. There are given free of charge and can be downloaded directly, but in the paste advertising, but there are also games that sell directly and can be downloaded after payment of PAL, without the presence of the banner ads.

for a friend who already has an android phone, here are  7 Free Android Games With Best Graphics And You Must Have! that can be directly downloaded at play store:

1. Real Racing 3

This previous games do exist in the region have not been able to inform, but after I checked in google play, it turns out it can be downloaded for free, games by EA is indeed superior quality and features high detailed. You can enjoy racing games with excellent graphics. Please search on google play with the keyword "real racing 3" good luck.

2. Heroes In Time

Heroes in Time free RPG game is the most fun I've ever played (both with Zenonia 2 of course). More value from this game is the story that is not general and cried to be enjoyed. Although using the IAP but this game can be played without buying from the store alias IAP. You Must have.

3. Dead Trigger

The Game is indeed one of the most phenomenal game. In addition to the quality of the graphics is already exceeding the console (the fact is a lot of game consoles that are far more ugly than this), this game is also turn out to be free because too many people are pirating. Apart from the pirating cases-plow is indeed of concern Trigger is Dead games for free with the best graphic ever existed. lest you have not got. just download the free soon ok

4. Death Rally

The first time I play Death Rally instantly fell in love with the game on this one. Cool graphics, thrilling gameplay where you can race while shooting at enemies. Android users are lucky enough because this game paid for iOS version.

5. Blood and Glory: Legends

Blood and Glory: Legends is indeed very – very inspired from Infinity Blade but for the price of a free game is actually quite fantastic. The quality of the graphics is very good, the number of equipmentnya quite a lot. Infinity Blade model for the game, Blood and Glory is the winner for Android. Make sure you have the game on this one.

6. Critical Strike Portable

There are some games that try to repeat again the triumph of Counter Strike, but only Critical Strike Portable that is capable of providing a sensation similar to Counter Strike. Free games this one must be owned by those who love the genre game FPS.

7. Arel Wars 2

The typical character of the Korea cartoonists, 2D Graphics, lots of upgrades and free. Sounds like an interesting game combination isn't it? Well Arel Wars 2 is a free game that is fun to play. Bringing the castle defense genre where you have to defend your Castle and destroy the enemy fortress, also at the same time. immediate download Yes on google play.