10 Latest Android Games 1st Week On May 2016 - Hungry Shark World, Uncharted Fortune Hunter, Warung Chain, and More

Latest Android Games On May 2016 - Weekly Android game still comes to presenting a row of new game ready to complement Android game you desire to play. There are dozens of interesting games that you will find in this list ranging from Uncharted Fortune Hunter and Battleborn Tap equally bring the entertainment side of PC and console game version, the new sequel Hungry Shark Evolution, and others.

Okay, no need to elaborate further, here is a collection of the latest Android game first edition in May 2016. Lets play!

1. Uncharted Fortune Hunter

Very interesting surprise this week comes from the emergence of the mobile game titled Uncharted Uncharted Fortune Hunter. Yes, Uncharted series that had adorned the PlayStation console has now come into the hands of mobile. In contrast to the action of Nathan Drake in Uncharted serial console version, this time through the game you will play the relic hunter through action-based puzzle completion of turn-based fun and enjoyable.

Interestingly, by attaching the progress of play Uncharted Fortune Hunter into account PlayStation Network, you can open several cosmetic items such as skins, power-ups, and relics to play multiplayer in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, this obviously gives more distinct values for Uncharted Fortune Hunter.

2. Tap Battleborn

In addition to Uncharted, this week Battleborn also get a spin-off game that also serves as an application side of Battleborn. Carrying the title Battleborn Tap, artificial game Bee Square Games and Gearbox Software presents the game idle clicker that combines a bit of RPG elements with a variety of Battleborn hero character.

Playing Battleborn Tap also give other benefits such as earned gear special loot you can unlock for Battleborn game on PC and console. If you're too busy this month MOBA Battleborn wrestle war like me, then it will be academic Tap Battleborn sideline on the sidelines waiting for the length of time matchmaking game.

3. Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark is back! This time by carrying the title Hungry Shark World, the latest iteration of the series Hungry Shark returns the ferocity of the shark glutton who now travels the world to find new prey.

Hungry Shark World promises a much wider world with improved graphics better than the preceding series. You'll be taken to wade variety of exotic sea locations ranging from the Pacific islands, cold Antarctic oceans, and seas of the Arabian Peninsula contaminated with industrial waste.

With a choice of more than 17 sharks were subdivided into 7 different types as well as dozens of sea creatures and humans could you heartily, Hungry Shark World seems to be a sequel to a much more fantastic than the preceding series.

4.The LEGO Movie Videogame

Okay, delayed more than a year since the game's release on iOS in January 2015 yesterday, finally The LEGO Movie Video Game is available on Android. Just like the movie, in this game, you will control Emmet in its efforts to explore the LEGO world full of color. You will also meet with a total of 90 characters before you LEGO is also encountered in other LEGO games, ranging from Batman, Ninjago, Superman, and others.

Premium game action platformer genre is presenting the experience of playing for hours with a range of compelling content and presentation of cut scenes exciting to watch. Although they appear fairly very late, at least the price is a little cheaper could be a bidder for the delay in the Android disappointment.

5.Mucho Taco! 2.0

Mucho Taco! arguably not a new game in this list. However, given the emergence of version 2.0 this week brings a lot of additional features that make it more interesting to play, love it if idle clicker games this one does not enter into play our radar in May.

As per the title in Mucho Taco! You are invited to cook tacos (a kind of snack of Mexico are popular in America) as much as you can. All you need to do here is to swipe as much as possible in order to get money to build a business empire Taco you.

6. Red Comrades Save the Galaxy

Red Comrades Save the Galaxy is a classic adventure game from Russia that is rarely heard outside their home country. Game developer made this Open lift nationalist silly stories about the civil war in the former colony of the Soviet Union.

You yourself will play as Vasily Chapaev in its efforts to find the whereabouts of the missing flag headquarters behind the line of the opponent's defense. With an unusual story, Red Corades Save the Galaxy could be the choice for you who are looking for a strange game to be played this week.

7. Dino Bash

After last week's release of iOS, Dino Bash is now also available on Android. Dino Bash itself is a defense line game that tries to be different through the depiction of the theme of war against human dinosaur unique stone age.

Just like other defense mechanisms online game, in Dino Bash job is to destroy the enemy base, which is opposite the headquarters of the street combine forces in order to power their attacking more effective.

8. Boulders

Boulders is an arcade game inspired by the classic game Boulder Dash. In this game you will move up the depth of the soil in search of diamonds that are down there. Just like Boulder Dash, you also need to be careful not to hit the rocks which at times would roll if there is no ground underneath. With the price is free, Boulders could be an alternative for you who are looking for simple games this week.

9. Luna Chronicles

Eyedentity Mobile game publishers this week released Luna Chronicles which is a fusion genre with monster breeding strategy. You are asked to draw a variety of characters whiz by considering the synergy of the unique characteristics of each, as well as determining the optimal formation as what can make them crush the enemy effectively.

For games that require activity grinding, Luna Chronicles brings automation features like Brave Frontier bout that will enable players. Additionally, players will be challenged with a variety of single player and PvP mode via an internet connection.

10. Warung Chain: Go Food Express

In addition to presenting the sequel to Puzzle Saku, this week also released Warung Touchten Chain: Go Food Express is arguably the spiritual successor of Ramen Chain. Unlike the previous game, this time Touchten asked you to manage a rice shop warteg alias, which often become a favorite reference for the middle and lower.

There are many types of local cuisine that you will find here, ranging from fried chicken, bakwan corn, soybean penyet, and a wide variety of Indonesian cuisine else in it. Exciting! But it can make stomach rumbling as well if you did not eat when you're playing it.