7 Best Free Android Applications

7 Best Free Android Applications - talk android is indeed endless, there are always new things that interest us we follow let alone current android has managed to become one of the most popular mobile phone operating system and is widely used throughout the world. previously been discussed about the latest android version 4.4 KitKat would be warm discussions throughout the media.

As one of my own android users always follow the development of the Green robot. a wide range of interesting applications and games that you can download in play store. in a previous post there are 7 Free Android Games With Best Graphics but on this occasion I will try to provide the 7 best free android applications

1. WhatsApp Messenger

Application chat this one attracted sympathy because android users manage to get 100 million more downloads and obtained a rating of 4.5 stars. and also earned the title of top developers and also won the 4 million plus google one. the size of this application is not too big IE 10,55 MB

2. Facebook

The social networking site this phenomenal managed to get 500 million more downloads and earn a 3.5 stars rating, TOP DEVELOPERS are also held by this application, and 4.6 million google plus one work he got, its file size is 15,64 MB

3. Line

Free Calls & Messages that's the motto of  application line, this application manages to get 100 million more downloads. they successfully achieves 4 star and 1.2 million people have given google plus one on line chat application.

4. Clean Master (Cleaner)

If your android phone already feels heavy because it was filled with temporary files, cache and other useless files? This application can be used as a cleanser, the allusion in the computer application CCleaner has the same functionality with Clean Master application. This application manages to get 10 million more downloads, wow 5 star managed to reach them, it's great and 516 thousand people has given google plus one on this application, the file size is 6.09 MB

5. KakaoTalk

Free Calls & Text that's their motto , one notable chat application was already no stranger to our ears, because they also promote their applications in television media, so it has been very familiar in the ear. KakaoTalk is the TOP application developers and managed to get 50 million more downloads. 4.5 star managed to reach them, 438 people have also give google plus one. the size of this application 8,93 MB

6. Opera Mini Browser

Already hugely popular before, Opera Mini also succeed on the android platform, although there have been many a rival browser that one is still very much sought after as it is very simple and lightweight. Opera Mini managed to get 50 million more downloads, 4.5 stars also managed to get their proof of application user satisfaction, 523 thousand people have also been giving google plus one. file size 0.90 MB

7. Camera360 Ultimate

Photo editing application, this one too has been a popular in the android, they have already managed to get 10 million more downloads, 4.5 stars also have they achieved and 314 thousand people gave the g +1 on this application. File size 15.08 MB