HTC Android Prepare Special Phone For Women

HTC also targeting female buyers by preparing a smart phone based on Android, the HTC Bliss. The phone itself has not been officially launched. But the leaked specifications and photographs prototype products have been scattered in various sites and technology blogs.

(05/05/2011), HTC is preparing the launch of Bliss by cooperating with Verizon service, though not yet able to give definite dates. In addition, the code name used is not necessarily Bliss even if this phone is really released.

Allegedly, Bliss will target female consumers aged between 20 and 30's. With the casing greenish color that is 'calm', Bliss has a very similar design as the S and slightly resembles Desire Desire Z. However, in contrast with Desire Z, Bliss brings fully touch screen, no QWERTY keyboard.

Other information can be obtained is the thickness of Bliss which reached 13.5 to 14 millimeters.

Although the HTC has not given official information regarding the plan to launch this phone, Bliss mentioned have included applications that are specific to women such as shopping and calorie counter application.