HTC ThunderBold Update

HTC ThunderBold Update  :

What things, which will be added by HTC, the HTC announced Thunderbold Update ...? let's see :
  • Enhance data connectivity when accessing the Verizon 3G network
  • SMS and MMS messages are stored properly in the Messaging Application (Inbox, Sent, etc.)
  • Timing for device activation has been improved
  • “Backup Assistant” is correctly displayed in the Application menu.
  • Stability improvements for data centric applications such as Facebook, KAYAK, Yahoo! Mail, My Verizon and more.
  • Accurate location is displayed when accessing the Weather Widget.
  • Quickly load GPS updates for Google Maps and VZ Navigator.
 This has been announced several months ago, but what is the evidence? until now there has been no clarity. to more clearly let us refer to his latest Regarding this quote:

As we’ve mentioned before, the good old HTC Thunderbolt had a bit of an issue with the latest update that caused the device to reboot occasionally.
Some time passed since, and in the meantime we’ve got all sorts of information regarding the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt update and fix. If you remember, the latest rumor was about the fact that the HTC Thunderbolt reboot fix might be available on June 30th and that besides the fix, it will bring with it some other goodies like Skype video, HTC Sense version 2.1 and gTalk video chat
Now, a few days ago an HTC representative was asked about the promised reboot fix for the HTC Thunderbolt and although he obviously haven’t revealed an official launch date, he did say that the update will bring with it several other enchantments. As for the release the release date he said that the update will be released soon.
Now, that makes me consider the possibility that the latest rumors were indeed very close to the truth. I sure hope so. Nothing happened at the end of June but let’s hope that the HTC Thunderbolt Reboot Fix will be released at the beginning of this month. We’ll simply have to see what happens. One thing is for certain, the update is very close and it is not going to be just a simple reboot fix.
We’ll keep you posted as the story develops.
Thanks PocketNow for the heads up regarding this new information surrounding the HTC Thunderbolt reboot fix update