PlayStation Vita 3G/WiFi

PlayStation ® Vita 3G/Wi-Fi is a portable game gadget gadget made ​​by famous manufacturers Sony. With a style that is much more elegant than its predecessor the PSP, PS Vita now supports 3G and WiFi networks to maximize your satisfaction playing games.

Gadget PS Vita 3G had predicted would be very attractive to children and adolescents are at stake at a price of $ 299.

PS Vita 3G/Wifi Feature:
1. Front and rear cameras

2. Six Axis Motion Sensor. Motion sensor technology embedded in the PlayStation Vita brings new nuances in playing the games Sony's output, which of course makes playing this gadget will be very fun
3. Touchscreen. PS Vita is equipped with touch screen that offers a new way to play a portable game
4. GPS + 3G and WiFi networks.
5. Cross Play. The latest technology from Sony that offers cross-platform game. You can start playing games on your PS3 console, and continue in the PS Vita. In addition, Cross Play technology allows us to compete against players on the PS3 console.
6.  Dual Analog Sticks. Holding this gadget will make you feel like the middle holding sticks PS. Equipped with dual analog, making the thumb you do not need too tired to press various buttons like on the PSP.
7.  OLED Screen. 5-inch screen size on the Playstation Vita 3G/Wifi is reinforced with OLED display with a depth of 16 Million war

In order to support the success of PS Vita gadget that will be launched officially on February 22, 2012, Sony has prepared a variety of interesting games which already gives a chance to suport this gadget Games. Some Title Games are:

Wipeout 2048, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, ModNation Racers, Resistance: Burning Skies ™, Hustle Kings, Super Stardust Delta, Uncharted: Golden Abyss ™, Little Deviants, Gravity Rush ™, Reality Fighters ™, LittleBigPlanet, and Michael Jackson The Experience
All games PS Vita 3G will be released simultaneously with Gadgetnya presence in the market.
Besides used for playing games, PS Vita also has a couple of supporting applications that will further make this gadget more attractive. Several applications are available for PS Vita 3G are:

PS VITA 3G/WIFI Application:
Near. Near is a kind of social networking application that allows users PS Vita touch with other gamers to bersapa, send and receive various information, challenges and other things (to use the 3G network and WiFi)
2. Party. This application allows users Vita can send text and voice messages in real time in their Network PlayStation ® Network.
3. Friends. This application allows users PS Vita to know his friends in his network PlayStation ® Network /
4. Chat. Application to send text and images rapidly with fellow users in the network vita PlayStation ® Network.
5. Camera. Application that allows the camera to the front and back of the PS Vita used to perform image capture and shooting.
6. Video Player. This application allows users PS Vita rotate pictures and movies in HD quality than the gadget itself, like watching videos from Youtube.
7. Web Browser. Functions to perform activities of browsing the internet using 3G and WiFi networks. Suport HTML 5.
8. Music Player. Applications to play various multimedia files like MP3, MP4, and Wav.

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