Age Of Wulin - MMORPG Games ( Online Games )

if you were already impressed with a game, it will be willing to sacrifice anything for the game at love him. No exception for a new MMORPG Online Game in develop, and the new beta version to try: Age Of Wullin.
In order to obtain a weapon in the game items that have not even officially launched, a man from China are willing to reach his money into for USD 16,000to get the item machete sword in the rare virtual MMORPG game Age Of Wulin. Other virtual items in game Age of Wulin which sold high-priced auction is god Spear Sheath sold at a price of USD 2,500.

Age of Wulin game developed by Snail Game is indeed very interesting. By taking the medieval era setting around the 13th century, when the warriors and knights lived and fought in the name of martial arts. This makes the imagination and fantasy gamers seemed to be a great warrior and martial arts expert.

Adventurers and heroes of the martial arts world are called the Wulin. They are masters of Kung-Fu and also follow the code of Xia, which stands for duty, honour, righteousness, courage but also mercy. Are you one of them? 

MMORPG Game manifold (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) This makes the "warriors" able to interact online and perform a variety of exciting missions and battles with advanced features that have not like others. The ability to defend we are not determined by the level, it could be a hero who has a low level has a incomparably greater moment than the players who have a higher level.

Design graphics are fantastic with quality 3D solid and resemble real conditions of the middle ages makes this game will likely make the game more addictive addicts, because in this game, we'll feel like an expert kung fu warrior, who fought with other kung fu warrior-warrior online, pitting science, tactics and weapons.

In the Age of Wulin, we can practice martial arts that had existed only in fantasy movies and kung-fu, like walking on the water, running wall climbing, science lighten the body, learning moves from 8 universities deadly Kung-fu, and so on.

Interested to play this game? You must be patient because this game has not officially launched and is still in Beta version for Europe. More info you can visit directly: for complete details Age of Wulin.