Android Market Has Changed to Google Play

Today there is a difference with the Samsung Galaxy Tab menu display's my friend, he asked why Android Market Missing menu and nothing else on his tablet menu icon? after googling it, Google Play is the replacement of the Android Market has been officially replaced by the internet giant Google, then Android Market where it goes? the answer is no more, come up with new styles, the more fresh and better looking so smart Android OS users will get spoiled by the presence of Google Play.

Google recently bought 18 domain names "flavored" Play was not using that name for a tablet product. However, the domain name service center devoted to all Google content services.

07.01.2012 Google has introduced Google turns Play, which brings together a Google Music service, Google eBookstore, and Android Market. This means, all these services can now be enjoyed in one door, which is Google's Play.

Android Market itself is now no longer exists in the application itself. Google turns to users combine the application store for Google's Android Play. It also means that the application directly brought to the Android Market Google Play with a new name, the Google Play Store.

With the availability of a single service from Google Play will benefit consumers, especially all of Google's customers. Moreover, to enjoy all these services, Google is handling services including migration procedures.
As a user, just need to log into Google Play and can be integrated directly as other Google services. With the availability of services in one place, of course, Google's service will allow users to buy or enjoy the services, no longer need to move from one store to another.

In addition to launching Google Play, Google also organizes a program "7 Days to Play". Here, users can enjoy the services Google offers albums, books, video rentals and Android applications with special pricing.
For example, the music album "Now Thats What I Call Music 41", the game wheres My Water ", a novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and puncture film sold only costs 25 cents, or about USD 2250.

In addition, Google also gives discounts for choice album, novel, film and other applications within this week.

Change the name 
Given Google's Play, a few Google applications will be renamed, but still have the same function. So is the removal of independent applications into one application is made to Google's Play.

"The Android mobile phone or Android tablet, we'll upgrade from application to application Google Android Market Play Store in the coming days," the official release of Google is quoted Venture Beat.
The same is true for Google Music that is currently going into Google Play Songs. Google and became Google Play eBooks eBookstore.

Brand unificationThe redesign of a number of applications this implies that the Google brand Google would integrate all its applications in a container, the Google Play.

With the unification of the application, it will cause the navigation within an application will be easier. Moreover, the interface (user interface) Google Play colorful diversity implies that there is content in the application.

Google executive Bradley Horowitz said in an interview with Venture Beat explains Google's product diversity.