HoboHunt - Controversial Android Game

HoboHunt - Controversial Android Game - This game has three times rejected by Apple as application output games to gadgets such as Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod. However, with so easy an application called HoboHunt games are widely criticized in the USA is perched on the Android platform, which is in Google's Android Market and is available for free.

HoboHunt game was developed by game developer United States, Synventus. Beginning of the idea of ​​this game as a joke or a homeless bum neighbor, and about "bum hunting".

HoboHunt is basically a photo sharing application for the purpose of silliness and jokes. His job is quite simple, you have to take a photo of a bum, you armed yourself, click, shoot.

The concept is very simple and attractive, plus the sound effects of weapons which did sound fun, but unfortunately this android game brings the issue of racism, which is about the "wipe bum" with a shot.

Although we can take any photo, be it a friend, relative, boss or even to the "shoot", but the story line of this HoboHunt android game already imaged on fire bum or homeless.

If you are curious about the android game this one, please direct your search in the Android market oops now been changed to google play, please look there and Have Fun.