Angry Bird Star Wars

Angry Bird Star Wars - You the user gadgets and Android-powered Smartphones or iOS will definitely get to know games this one: Angry Bird. Yup, Angry Bird handiwork Rovio. Inc. became the most successful games in history, with record-breaking 500 million downloads. That is cool again, the 500 million Download that happens only in the span of 2 years since the games was launched.

Now, this Game has had a recent series entitled Star Wars: Angry Bird, which is a continuation of the series Space that offers the feel and new sensations in the game's penchant for everyone which is very addictive.

Although the system and how to play just like any other, but still so beloved StarWars, immediately get a positive response as evidenced by the number of downloads is fantastic only some time after its release.

Continue to rely on the same campaign style that is free, make download Angry bird star wars can be done from Google Play.

The plot is quite interesting, here is a synopsis of the story of the game.

Yore in galaxies far away, a group of bird fighters rebelled against the wicked power of the Kingdom of Pigtrooper. With a long, long struggle, finally spying a bird fighters managed to steal secret plans about the ultimate weapon of the Imperial Pigtrooper PIG named STAR. Then starts to destroy the evil empire, where the birds have to fight rebels to the Jedi master lightsaber sword with for facing the challenge of fighting such as with Darth Vader, the evil King of the Kingdom of Pigtrooper.

Take the setting and storyline from the film of the bestselling Star Wars, will certainly revive old memories and passion about the film with the new shades are no longer as a figure of Luke Skywalker or droid C-3PO, but as a figure of birds typical of Angry Bird.

The game this one is never boring. and played by many people around the world. Already famous in Android and Apple's Iphone and google's responsibility not to pin the responsibility-Angry Bird as a sweetener in promoting Google Chrome, so that the interest of people to install the Chrome Browser not just from him are the property of Google, but more so in Chrome it's Angry Bird. Lets play with Angry Bird Star Wars.


  1. Hey I downloaded n installed this game ...this game is running awesome on my computer thanks sir lovely blog you have i am big fan of can find more Free Android Games here


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