Chaos of Three Kingdoms - Android Games

Chaos of Three Kingdoms - the first MMO Games on the Android platform. You never played the game or MMO Massive Multiplayer Online Games such as Atlantica, Lost Saga or Gemscool? If we think MMO game as long as it can only be played on a desktop PC platform, then it looks like we have to lift up the first MMO game for the platform Android and iOS platform success.

Chaos of Three Kingdoms is the android games developed by RenRen Games, a Gaming company is a subsidiary of the Renren (Facebook). After the success in the Web platform (Desktop PC) and iOS as well as played by millions of iPhone users, now Renren Games developing the games for the android platform by the name: the Chaos of Three Kingdoms Deluxe.

Of course the advantage is, cross-platform, where users can play this game either from a PC or Android gadget, iOS (Apple iPhone/iPad) using only 1 account, and fought with millions of other users around the world.

According to the RenRen developer Games, game development on Android Platform has been modified in such a way that it will run very smoothly on your Android gadget, even better than it was in the IOS version.

For those of you who do not know about the games Chaos Hell of it, here's the short description:

Thousands of Knights fought and fought with a variety of ways to develop and expand his realm by various types of troops that is interesting to play. Classic PC games such as The Three Kingdoms, the games we could recruit and appoint various Swordsman of the milky way to be commander in Chief and the leader of our troops and fight for our victory, of course this is because Android games Chaos of Three Kingdoms in the lift of the history of the golden age of China.